Monday, May 9, 2016


Yeeeeeaahhhh doggy.

It was good to see you mom and dad, I love you! Thanks for raising me. And loving me for who I am. 

My friends. I tell you, that God hears and answers prayers, even just our silly desires sometimes. For the longest time in my mission I have wanted to train and last night I got the call that I am going to train for my last 3 months. I have no idea who my trainee is yet, I get himtomorrow but Im so excited to have a son (mission son). yeah boy. Elder Henao is leaving me to go to the distant land of Huaraz to become a leader. Im so happy for him, he has helped me a bunch and his provided some good times out here in the boonies of panamerican land. 

Really great experience we had this week that I gotta share with you all: So we were with one of our zone leaders for a day because his companion ended his mission, and he taught us just the important lesson of working every second of the day, it was so exhausting but at the end of the day we could say we did everything to talk to people and to be our best. So the story is we recieved this reference from a member, her next door neighbor. We go out side to go find this lady, and she is outside her house with about 25 people, getting ready to open some Pepsi and have a "compartir". When I wouldve normally just talked to the lady and left to come back another time, our companion said, "how about we get the whole group together and share something real short?" she said, "why not?" and so we got everyone to turn around, sit down and we said a prayer and we taught them quickly about the Restoration. They had a mountain of questions for us and we were able to answer them and give them some more to learn in the scriptures and pamphlets. We all ended up leaving there very edified and more excited about the work, and visiting the giant group of people we taught. It reminded me of maybe how the Lord mightve taught in His days. I got some pics. 

Well, next week you will be able to see the great face of my new son, im excited to tell you all about him. 

Love you guys!!

drink water.


the group of people we taught. not all are found in the picture.

failed group shot

teaching our friend, Maria who is 85 and loves pictures. 

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