Tuesday, May 31, 2016



thats a scriptural term. Love you guys! I´m doing a lot better this new monday. 

there are a lot of tender mercies in life that we dont realize sometimes. I got a call
the other night from the doctor of the whole area, Elder Aysie I think and he gave me a lot of comfort. He basically talked me through a lot of nerves I was having and told me Im good and healthy (though still skinny) haha. Recieving that call from a complete stranger that I never talked to before and him talking to me and giving me words of comfort with a kind voice really helped me. I know that he had an impression or something to do that because in all ways he really had no reason to call me. Sometimes all we need to feel better is to be heard and to listen by others and to others. 

Last night Elder Gavidia and I had recieved the news that a very less active woman in our area, Julia, had heard recently that she had cancer, and that an operation was soon for that reason. We had been teaching her here and there, not with much frequency. We felt to go and give her a blessing yesterday. We went, and right before we went, we got a call from a woman in our branch. Asking us where we were going and if she could accompany us to Julia. We said sure! She came, and we met Julia. She was looking obviously a little nervous and unsure of her future. We tried to comfort her the best we could with our words. Then all of a sudden we heard a knock on the door and there was priesthood holders from our branch also there to give comfort to the hermana Julia as well. They sat down and we laughed at the coincidence that we were all there. Then another knock. The relief society president and her counselors were there also for hermana Julia. Now it was serious. they shared their feeling with her and there was a beautiful spirit in the room because we were all there just for her, to help out. The two men gave her a priesthood blessing and soon after we left. But it impacted me to see how many people cared. That even though she wasnt the most well known person in our branch or even the neighborhood, somehow the spirit had impacted us all so much to go and visit her that day.

Helping others and giving them comfort when comfort is needed helps and comforts us at the same time. Im thankful for the mission for trials and learning to get past them, and serving others. 

Love you guys! We will keep working.

Elder Caldwell. 

forgot to take pictures so I told Elder Gavidia take a quick picture while I eat some icecream today.

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