Monday, July 4, 2016


Happy Birthday America, I love you!

the 4th of july has hit. I walked into my pensionistas house this morning and started singing the 
star spangled banner, and asked them, "como amanecieron hoy en este día gloriosa de la libertad?" How did you guys feel when you woke up this glorious morning of freedom? My 
companion didnt know how to take all the excitement. I think he is still wondering what 
happened to me and why I am celebrating so much. 

On the real though, we have been experimenting a few things this week. My companion and I
back around 2 months or so I believe, we decided to drop this investigator that wasnt progressing, in fact she was retrocediendo. I have no idea how to say that in english anymore.
but the other day I was reading in 1 corinthians 13 and read about charity. It really impacted
me. Charity is an attribute I think that every missionary needs, especially since it is the
pure love of Christ. It means having patience, loving another despite their flaws (loving yourself
despite your flaws as well), sticking with the program, hoping for the best always and having a
good attitude. I read that and this investigator came into my mind. Her name is Fanny. She wakes up at 4 in the morning to get breakfast ready for her kids, sends them off, starts work early, gets home at 5 to make dinner, and then she is ready to collapse. We stopped visiting her because she couldnt read the book of mormon even despite our many invitations and challenges. 

We started visiting her last week, just to go over there, be friends with her and her kids, and read the book of mormon with her, to help her out. She has changed in this week a lot. Now, instead of collapsing to bed after making dinner, she reads. and now she is progressing because I decided to stop being so stubborn and frustrated with someone who I thought did not want to progress. Members are helping her as well, and are visiting her and inviting her to family activities. It has been a wonderful change Ive seen. I realize so much depends on whether or not we decide everyday to have charity and love everyone for who they are and have patience in all things, even though there is opposition.

I wanted to share that this day and now Im excited to go hang up my hammocks with my comp and celebrate the 4th of july with a coca cola in hand. Yeah doggy!

Love you!

Elder Caldwell


we had the fire like I said last week. the family was stoked to do it. they whipped out some corn from their farms, and some bananas and we fried them over the fire and ate them as we talked about faith, and how its like a fire. I love the chacra life.

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