Monday, July 25, 2016


I am beyond grateful today. 

My heart feels very full as I have been able to call old converts, old people I used to visit,
less-actives, and hear they are doing well. I feel so grateful that I cannot describe how
blessed I have been on this mission to survive, to be apart of others lives and for them
to enrich my life more. Peruvians are quite the tear-droppers when it comes to saying goodbye.
I will miss them with all my heart, they all have such a wonderful colorful personality.

I still have about a week left so Im going to aprovechar al máximo. This last week that barely
passed was one of miracles for us. I want to be short because I feel like I need to write a lot
today because this is my last Pday... the beginning of a strange new life ahead haha.
This sunday, my official last sunday in the branch I am serving was incredible. I dont think
many people knew I was going because I tried to keep quiet about it because I dont like
all the commentaries of "oh youre going home!!" makes me anxious. But I loved observing
them and just appreciating the time with them in a chapel of God in a small pueblo on the coast of Peru. At the end of the day we planned an activity called Puertas Abiertas. En ingles, Open house. It was poorly planned and for the first 10 minutes no one was coming to the  chapel to check it out (the idea was to have many new people know who we are and what we do). But we decided to turn the situation around. A crowd of members accompanied me and my companion outside as us, and the members, like a mob of people "attacked" people outside telling them to come in in their charismatic peruvian way. Crowds of people came to the chapel to hungry members ready to show them what brings them joy in the chapel. It was a beautiful sight and at the end of the day I would say atleast 100 plus people came. Not too much, but enough for us to feel happy.

Another small miracle I have to mention. We are desperately trying as a district (6 missionaries) to meet a small goal of having new investigators every week. (note that I hate goals) but I truly have enjoyed this goal and working harder. It was sunday, last day 
of the week for us, it was 8 pm and we only had 30 minutes to get back home. We were
lacking to know one more person. We took a long pause on the street and I said to 
Elder Gavidia, lets feel the spirit here. Lets think where to go. Nothing came. We 
advanced a street. Trying hard not to feel doubt, we paused again. A name suddenly came
to mind, someone who lives far and is never there. I tried hard to believe that that thought
came from the spirit or something, and I said the name Paula to my companion and we ran
to her house. I shouted, Pray for a miracle elder!! We did and when we got there, SHE WAS
THERE. She let us in eagerly and heard a small message from us juntos with her son. God
heard our faithful prayers. 

I can only hope that the messages I have shared for 2 years have helped someone, one of
you my friends, or one of my families. These experiences have been precious to me and
I know that I will remember them all my life. I know that whether we be in a mission,
or just a person in life trying to get by, God is aware of us and listens to us, even when
we dont feel like He is (and believe me, I have felt that numberless times). I know
that He loves and and I know in my mind and in my heart that His church is on the earth
today not to annoy us and load us with guilt and more homework to do (things I have felt 
before) but His church is on the earth today to edify and elevate us to new heights. I am 
thankful to God for these experiences and for the ones coming in the future and hope
that I can just be a good person and that I can love myself and others more. 

Thanks for reading for 2 years and for writing me. I love you guys and will see you soon.

We made it.

Elder Caldwell

pics: things I will miss. the mountains. the families. the chance to share the gospel 24-7

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