Friday, July 15, 2016



 I am here enjoying the Viru weather. Soak it in!

This week I experienced a "wake up call" in district meeting on Tuesday.
Sometimes the things I dont like as a missionary are the numbers
and the cuotas and the goals we have to meet. But, sometimes thats
how things roll. We were talking about them on Tuesday and I was just
thinking of how I could better minister to the people here in Viru and I 
was pulling blanks. We had a practice of knocking on someones door and
the Elder who mimicked a typical dad who works a lot and makes little 
money impacted me.

Not sure why Im sharing this whole story, but trying to talk to this fake dad
and trying to enter into his house really showed me that I need to be bold,
that I really need to believe that I represent the Savior, but most of all I need
to be peoples friend. I cant be a robot and I need to be in the moment and talk
to the person like he is real. Sometimes we get into missionary mode and cant
really get out of it, we say the same phrases and expect different results.
but, I was glad for that experience. It woke me up as I sat there thinking how 
precious this time I have left, and how much time maybe I feel like I have blown
in this service. I need to go out and work and keep getting better. 

Elder Gavidia and I left that day fueled with determination and the spirit.
That day was maybe the only day I feel like I can say I talked with literally
everyone we could, and I really put my heart into it. I loved that day and am 
trying to make every other day be like that one. time to wake up. 

My message is short but I love you all. I read a scripture today that really
drove home: 9 "And do this that may provunto many that am thesame yesterday, today, and forever; and that speak forth my words according to mine own pleasure. And   because that have spoken one word ye need not suppose that cannot speak another; for my work is not yet finished; neither shall it be until the end of man,   neither from that time henceforth and forever." 

Gods work will never end, it will never finish. He will always love us and will
work for us, even when we think we are done. He will give us an infinite 
amount of opportunities to try and be better. Christs Atonement is not
a limited time offer, it is for forever.

Love you.

Elder Caldwell


we were true americans last pday. even being in peru for 2 years cant beat
the america spirit. hahaha. we drank coke on our balcony and talked about life.

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