Monday, July 18, 2016


this is my second to last message home from here.

thanks for everything. I am especially thankful to God for showing me my
weaknesses and helping me become stronger. There is a picture I wish
I could show you all. It is of a storm, and there is a boat in the storm and there 
are 2 people on the shore. another boat is going out to the storm to go to the rescue.
Ive been thinking much about storms. Every day as a missionary we go out to the
storm. In the lives of those we teach there is family problems, drug problems,
heartbreak, and more. We leave our apartment (the shore) to go out there and help
others come back home. As a missionary I know what its like to be out there and
in the storm, and sometimes still there are storms going on in our lives. It helps
us to know how to help them. Through our weaknesses and experiences, we help
other come home back to Christ. I know that where He is there is only light and 
happiness. We can share the burden with him. Be we in the storm or out of it, 
we can help others get back to shore, and we can go back home too. 

we are seeing little miracles here and there. not big ones, like baptisms. but
things that mean a lot to me. one investigator who we found when I got here,
if you remember mirella, went to church all 3 hours yesterday, and said a prayer
in a class. she is reading everyday. she is growing in testimony even though
she probably doesnt realize it. she still doesnt have plans to get married, 
but i know that ill hear good news in the future. I know that she will be able
to get back to shore. another lady, fanny, the one i talked about recently, told us
2 nights ago: "ive participated in many churches. no one has ever come back to 
me to talk to me to see how i was doing from those places. you guys are the only
ones after i messed up so much. thank you. i know that from those actions that
these things are true." the spirit was big that night and im thankful we went back
to see how she was doing. 


Elder Caldwell.

the peru nature

one of the families ill miss. castillo rojas. mirella is the one on the right

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