Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014 9:38 AM

Subject: October Sky

Hi fam and friends!
Super sorry for my terrible email last week!
The situation persists with the members here, and we have thrown out all other plans and are trying new stuff to get the members more converted. We have been trying to follow Ammons example of pure service and love like with King Lamoni. We did 3 service projects this week and are basically sharing simple messages of love. We’re total hippies out here because we’re all about love, it’s great haha! We are making a lot of progress here and 53 peeps showed up to church! but its not about numbers!
A huge blessing this week was visiting Manuel and Raquel, less actives because they live so far up one of the mountains that they have a hard time getting motivated. It was a dream, we hiked up at dusk and visited outside for awhile marveling at the landscape, and then inside their mudbrick house by candlelight. The higher up you go here, the more basic the lives. I’ve had the unfortunate chance of seeing a few of the folk here pooping on the side of a hill by their property hahah! But anyways, they are also super spiritual and poor in heart. I’ve never heard more carefully thought out spiritual prayers. I’ve learned a lot about humility from them.
  I’m officially 2 months out now! Love otuzco, it is so bizarre to think of 2 months ago and how much has changed. I love it!
The other day we got bible bashed from this woman and I’m super grateful that I got probably one of the most well versed latino companions out here, he spat out some real doctrine like a boss christlike person and we went on our merry way.
Everyone here has a motorcycle and I get so jealous haha, seeing them drive around the mountains and what not. Truly gnarly peeps here.
Well, I love you all and think about you often. Everything here is good besides the sketch food a veces.

Elder Chase Caldwell.

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