Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday‎, ‎November‎ ‎17‎, ‎2014 ‎9‎:‎39‎ ‎AM


jokes about the title. I have to shave all the time. It’s been a good week of finding! So many people were gone this week in their chacras or in Trujillo , so we didn’t have the opportunity to teach many people, but instead we were blessed to find 5 more investigators,  and they were all random! Just walking down the street we were stopped so many times by random people inquiring about the church, and we’re going to teach them this week! We also found a golden family who doesn’t know much about our church, which means a fresh slate to teach on. Overall very excited, a lot of good people were found with good intentions.
Tomas, our main investigator right now is commited to be baptized this Saturday, he’s been coming to church and is progressing good . we’re a little apprehensive because he’s flaked out on baptism before, but we got faith. Haha cross your fingers. He really wants to be baptized in one of the rivers here, I hope it comes to pass because that would be a flipping dream come true for me.
This was one of the best weeks yet now that I look at it, we found tons of peeps, it rained a bunch, and to top it off this Saturday we had a little campfire and our backyard and made smores as a district . it was super sweet and I recommend smores this time of year. And guinea pig they love guinea pig here. Haha love you all so much and ill talk to you next week. Crossing my fingers some of pics load for once in my life!!! also mom I found and bought a charger for my camera so dont worry about that anymore! booyah son

 Elder Caldwell

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