Monday, November 24, 2014

Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 8:54 AM

“when  I think I have accomplished something hard in His service and my body begs for rest, I give myself this rallying cry… Remember Him.” – Henry B. Eyring. Wow I love that quote!   This week came and went in a flash and the craziness of the holidays here are slowly approaching. There are fiestas out the wazoo and we might have to skip town later to Trujillo to avoid the loco stuff.

Tomas wasn’t able to be baptized this week because he took off to work in his chacra during our date for him, and also he needs more preparation. During a lesson he kind of just confessed all of his problems which was a huge slap in the face for us during a lesson haha. But its all good, we want him to be the most prepared for this step in his life! We have confidence that he will progress and use the atonement.  

Our zone leader here elder tirado got changed last week to a new area so we have a new elder here, Elder Solorzano! He is one of the most laid back latinos Ive ever met and he works hard, so we’re all stoked about him.
This week we’re going to focus on teaching all the missionary lessons to all members to help further their understanding and conversion HOPEFULLY, most people here don’t understand me very well haha , and they can hardly   read because they never finished basic school (their farms destroy lives!!!) but its ok, it’s a blessing to be able to teach in a more simple way and focus on their understanding and teach with clarity.

Something strange that happened this week was we were just walking down the street and a kid my age absolutely hammered drunk staggered over to me, shook my hand, didn’t say a word, made his eyes really wide and pointed backwards as if it were highly important. There wasn’t anything but some dogs. Hahaha.
Anyways, much love to you all , I’ll talk to you next week!! Enjoy those beautiful holiday times and weather in the good old  US of A .

A favorite scripture  I found this week is in alma 34:26 if anyones

Con amor y carino,
Elder Caldwell  

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