Monday, December 22, 2014

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“God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” I can just imagine all the good Christmas times going on right now! Love you all, this last week has been really sweet. I got to proselyte with E’Swaney all week in his area of Esperanza, where we just worked hard and had a lot of laughs. We recently started teaching this guy my age named Jorge, who is honestly one of the best investigators I've seen! He has already read 20 chapters of the Book of Mormon, and has a testimony of it - all of that taking place over the week! He was a huge blessing and testimony builder to teach everyday, and he's going to get baptized this week! For that reason it was bittersweet to return to my own area, because I want to see him get baptized so bad!

We also held a christmas concert in downtown trujillo, the plaza of armas! if you look it up on google, you'll see how big it is! we sang a variation of christmas songs as a mission and so many people saw, it was so nice to and the spirit of unity and christmas and happiness was all ova the place. You could probably find a ton about that on the mission blog

I hope you all have the christmas of your dreams and enjoy that hot chocolate from QT!  As for me I feel right at home with no snow, haha. Also the lady who lets us live in our apartment has a giant turkey in her attic named junior, when I'm trying to sleep at night I hear him gobble. but I think we're going to eat him. 

This picture is with one of my favorite families in the world in area Esperanza, they are the bomb diggity.

PS mom, can you tell bro. schroeder I found Elder and Sister Smith? theyre doing great, and I got a picture with them. I''ll try to send it next week. gracias.

con bastante amor esta navidad,

Elder Caldwell

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