Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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 Como lo vaaaa familia y amigos! I´m reporting live this pday from trujillo, we decided to take a daytrip to see the temple and eat mcdonalds haha! It is a dream. It´s finally december which is the hardest month to do work in our Otuzco because all the catholics go bananas and its slightly peligroso! which is a bummer because this week we made a lot of progress with our investigators and less actives, namely a woman named teressa who wants to be baptized and our friend Tomas. soooo entonces we have a lot of dates set up for January! I buzzed my hair really short this week which was a huge mistake haha, everyone in my area thought I was a new elder or from the military hahah. they knew it was me right away though with my super really good spanish skills. sarcasm I hope everyone had a really good and fat thanksgiving though, elder Jackson and I were day dreaming about all the good vibes that goes down this time of year in az. but I am so thankful to be here, to be with my latino companion who loves inka cola to death, eat chicken and rice everyday of my life and to share the message of this gospel and our Savior this time of year. I love you all, wish I had more to talk about but I hope these pictures will be good! con lo mas amor yo puedo describir,
 Elder Chase Caldwell

1. my dream van
 2. on our way to an appointment
3. from our night making smores

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