Monday, April 18, 2016


hello family. merry christmas

the boys and us from the office couldn{t sleep last night we were so giddy about conference. its honestly like christmas for us. I look back on 2 years back and think of myself asleep on the couch while conference was going. what was I doing!

new apostles! I love this church.

This has been the weirdest week of my mission. We are constantly busy here in the office, always trying to figure out how to run the mission and do everything as fast as possible so that we can leave and go proselyting. I love time out in the field, it is so refreshing and I feel newly reinvigorated every time I go out. I try to do everything as simply as I can and I love it so much, simple is the best. DIeter F. Uchtdorf emphasized that in his talk as well which I loved.

time is a gift. we went out one night and we visited a man named Joel. We had no plans for the night so we honestly had no idea what we were going to do as we entered the field after leaving the office. We got out there and walked the street not 3 minutes when an active member from out ward approached us. He gave us a reference right then and there and we went and the man was there. We taught him and his son and it was one of the most spiritual lessons of my life. It was super ordinary, but everything felt so right. It was just pure gospel. We shared a scripture from first nephi 2 verses 2 though 4 about having faith and doing the un ordinary like reading, praying everyday and going to church every sunday. the man used to be a less active before and he responded so positivley. the Lord provides. 

We're just doing our best out here. Before we started watching Christmas today we had district meeting and I got our district together, which is comprised of also the assistants to the president (super powerful guys) and we got into a circle, and no one in specific was teaching, we just shot out our spiritual thoughts and impressions based about one theme, about the Holy Ghost. I love teaching like that and in the Lords way. it is so beautiful. 

Im so thankful for every minute, and thankful for the chamba. I hope you are all doing great. keep paying your tithing. I see the benefits of it how here in the office now. we are so blessed and so organized. so great. 

paz a todos ustedes. 

Elder Caldwell

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