Tuesday, April 26, 2016



another one already. im not sure what to say this week actually haha because im still trying to get my pace. We had a lot of reflection to do my companion and I as we are working with this one family. We felt impressed to put their baptismal date back another week so that we dont feel too rushed, and neither will they. I know thats what God would rather us do because I know he wants people truly repented and converted.

We are seeing much fruits in the way we see how beneficial is a positive attitude and motivation. Every day we go outside so pumped to go out to quote on quote Zion and work. We started a tradition with this less active family to have Noches de Hogares, or in other words FHE in their house every monday to get them reactivated and to bring some of our investigators to see how special it is to get the family together everyweek to talk about God. 

In our manual as missionaries, Preach My Gospel it says to be more a servant of God and to appear as one, we should always share our own experiences. And well, one of my fondest memories with the fam bam way back when was when I could hardly even read, but we as a family and would get together at nights and read the Book of Mormon together. I still remember the spirit I would feel then even as a child. I tell the people we teach this and I hope they can cultivate the same desires to do so with their family. And then in my teenage years even just with my mom, us two, in our house we would try to read every now and then and those were days where the spirit felt cannot be denied. God loves us, and he often shows that love reading verses of scriptures or in our profound prayers. 

John was officially reactivated yesterday we could say, as he had an interview with one of the branch counselors and came to Church with his kids. He is such a great guy with great desires. I love being part of this work, though we honestly dont do much as missionaries. We just go out there and try to emulate the Savior. Im thankful for this time. 

im drinking lots of water. thankfully the heat is cooling down here.

love you all.

Elder Caldwell

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