Monday, April 18, 2016


we are on a roll.

can`t believe how fast this week went, ay ay ay. too fast. Another week of great experiences and really just giving our all. Elder Henao and I have big plans. We are planning so that the next temple of Peru will be here in our area. haha, but really though we are putting our all into the work, ive never felt so consecrated and so excited about getting outside everyday at 2.30 pm and proselyting my brains out. 

Our plan is that this one street in our area, called Chanquin, will be Zion one day. This one little dirt street is actually super long and so many less active members live there. But we are seeing miracles instead of discouragement when it comes to these less actives. We have a man named John. John has been a member for more than 20 years and active for about 4. My companion found him before I got here, but he is so pumped now to come back to church, and he has introduced us to his wife and 2 boys. Soon they will enter the waters, but with John. John is really excited to baptize his familie and we are working so that he can be completely ready to take that step, and his family. But he is just one family on this street. There and are so, so many people that we are teaching here it seems that we spend our whole day on this street. Tonight we are going to have a huge family night and we invited all the less actives and we are planning on helping them get the desires to go back and become Zion!

My friends, the other missionaries we live with here in the area had a few baptisms and I was able to do the baptismal interview for one lady named Feliciana. It was one experience. It was my first baptismal interview and it was intense, it was filled with a great spirit and just determining if she was ready for the important step in her life, and she was. She is 60 years old and she was born in my first area of Otuzco, we talked about the good old times in Otuzco for a good 10 minutes before I started the interview, haha, it was so fun to get to know her and see her desires. And to talk about how tasty fried guinea pig is. 🙃 

Im excited for many more experiences coming up this week and just putting our heads down and working on others but more than anything, working on being better people ourselves. I love you guys. Here are some pictures.

Elder Caldwell

one of the pics is us walking on the one day famous street of Chanquin.

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