Monday, April 11, 2016


we workin hard. hello!

family, es un gusto de poder saludarles hoy y ver como están. This week has been a miracle! 
I say that more than anything because of walking a lot, we are in houses teaching the gospel.
I have a deeper testimony about setting high goals and reaching them. Looking back on this
one all I can think is how we were very blessed to be guided by the hand of the Lord. On 
multiple ocasiones Elder Henao and I felt the same impression to do something, and we 
acted on it and saw a miracle happen. 

One story is that all our appointments fell, and so we were walking down the highway, kind of 
aimlessly, but I looked to the right and it just stuck out to me, a  house. I dismissed it at first,
 but kept feeling the pull to go knock on it. I told my companion and he said, I felt the same thing.
We went and knocked, and right when we were aboput to turn back, a shirtless man answered
and said, "Elderes! Come on in." We looked at each other and were like WHAT?! Carlos told
us a little of his story and how his wife was less active and that he remembered the lessons
the missionaries had taught him long ago, and how he still reads the Book of Mormon and 
believes its true. We were so blessed to meet with Carlos and find him and now we are
teaching him. Spiritual impressions we can sometimes dismiss as just our thoughts, but as it 
says in the scriptures, even a good thought en sí es criado por el Espiritu. 

We had another experience when we walked by this whole family we found in house twice, and 
twice we neglected to go an talk to them. Their door was wide open to us on the dirt street.
After at last, walking a little farther away I said to Elder Henao, we gotta go back and talk to them.
We approached their adobe house and they let us in very graciously. Another Carlos (haha) and his
wife Kelly, and their 3 kids. They are wonderful and are now doing family prayers together. 

I love the work here! We are working so hard, and my whole district! all very new missionaries but 
very humble and obedient, im so blessed to be with them, they are reaching their goals as well and
most importantly helping people come closer to Christ. I hope you all have had a lovely week as 
well. Ether 12:27 is what keeps me going most days. I am a very weak dude and dont have much
going for me, but if I rely on Christ to make me strong I know itll all be alright. 


Elder Caldwell

we went to a restaurant today

and sorry didnt take many photos. half district photo from last week

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