Wednesday, April 6, 2016


What is good?

I am back! I am back in the field. I love my area. It is a really big area, and we are panamerican highway rats. We walk along the Panamerican everyday, finding people to invite to Christ. We already have a faithful band of people we teach, and we are busy all day walking in the dirt, getting their by highway taxis and sweating like crazy. It is so hot here!! 

My companion works for Zion. He is one of my best companions yet, I am so excited to work with him. Like I mentioned before, he is from L.A. and he is quite the gangster kid but we get along great and we work hard. He has so much desire to just put it all in for the Lord. I´m feeling very thankful for that right now. His name is Elder Henao. This week as we were watching general conference, after listening to Jeffrey R. Holland top it all off, in his classic L.A. mormon slang, said, "Dayung that Elder Holland just flamed all of us clowns." Hahaha. 

I was also grateful for General Conference this week, holy cow. It was the best conference I have ever listened to, to be 100 percent honest. So many talks focused on the choices we make, to honor was we have, to using the atonement to be free from sin. It was exactly what we needed out here, and I felt more than once that they were speaking directly to my needs. I wish I brought my notebook of notes to share atleast one quote that got me good in the heart, but I forgot. But one thing that stuck with me was something Elder Holland said (go figure). He said something along the lines of that when we leave our spiritual peaks, sometimes we can find really discouraging circumstances or be disappointed with ourselves. To be honest, in missionary work it happens all too often. After Conference, or after studies for example, when we feel the spirit and we are ready to do everything and we are happy, we go out in to the world and see a people so confused and so shut to us and the ideas we want to show them. It is something that Moses faced, and more than anyone, something that Jesus faced. We as missionaries and as members go out to battle everyday it seems like against temptation, sin, and others peoples bad choices. But im learning to look at it all positively. thats the only thing that can get us through sometimes.

Ill let you guys know a little more about the people we teach out here next week. But they are great, with doubts, as always, but children of God. I am so excited to be out here working every day for the time I got left. Time to put it all in.

Love you guys!


The district of Chao and Chanquin.

My companion.

Arco iris.

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